Who is Frank?

I've grown up with computers from a young age and have always had an interest in designing and drawing. When I was a kid I used to play with lego and those were my tools.
Then the computer came around and I started to play a lot of games, when Unreal 1 was released I was awed by it's beauty. I wanted to try and create some of those amazing scenes myself and I started to play around with the editor. Even though I knew very little about all the technical constraints and the tools I've always had an artistic eye. Using what knowledge I had I created several levels which were well received by the community and after that I thought about possibly of working in games.

Fast forward to present day and I've worked on many projects with on platforms ranging from console, pc, mobile and virtual reality. Some projects were cancelled, others released and ofcourse some that have yet to be announced.
Besides gaming and game development my other big passion is kitesurfing and the travelling that comes with it. Kitesurfing and travelling helps me to relax and get new inspiration.