Visual Effects

During my time at Vanguard Games / Force Field VR I was the main VFX artist on the team for a very long time. I've created the vast majority of the VFX or supervised the creation of VFX for National Geographics: Explore VR, Timestall, Coaster Combat, Gatling Gears, Halo Spartan Assault and Halo Spartan Strike. Together with another artist we created all the VFX for Force Field's first VR game Landfall.
I've worked on all aspects of VFX creation: meshes, materials, shaders, textures, particle behaviour, animation and implementation. I've created VFX using the Unreal Engine, Unity and an inhouse engine.

I've created pretty much every effect from fire & smoke, lasers, bullets, explosions, clouds, rain, snow, fog, godrays, etc. The creation of VFX for the Halo games was quite challenging, because our target hardware wasn't very powerfull we had to rely on a minimum amount of overdraw and spawned particles while still achieving high quality VFX. Virtual reality introduced it's own set of rules for VFX as well, with performance being a key factor we had to come up with smart solutions to create the best visual quality with minimal performance costs.


National Geographic: Explore VR


Halo Spartan Strike

Halo Spartan Assault

Gatling Gears